Use or Q to activate your hook. The longer you have someone hooked, the more energy you gain!

Use or W to activate your shield. The shield can be used to block hooks and also slice enemies.

There are 4 classes to choose from in Hook'em. You can switch between these classes in-game with 1, 2, 3 or 4. It costs 10 class points to switch.

Press enter to open the chat overlay. Type a small message and press enter again to send your message to everyone around you.

Class Special Abilities
Level 1

Use E to shoot a fireball while you are the red class. The fireball can disarm any enemy for 5 seconds.

Use E to burrow while you are the green class. When you burrow you can break any hooks attached to you and can also hide from attacks.

Use E to increase your movement speed while you are the blue class.

Use E to teleport while you are the purple class. When you teleport you can break any hooks attached to you.

Level 2

Shooting a fireball now deals 1 damage to enemies. The fireball still disarms enemies.

Once burrowed your circular blade detatches from you and deals 1 damage every 2 seconds to those around it.

You can now spin into a ball and travel real fast in the same direction you are facing. Any one you touch will be dealt 1 damage.

You now spin your blade dealing 1 damage upon teleportation and a further 1 damage on exit.

Level 3

You now shoot 2 fireballs in a V shape. Each fireball deals 1 damage and still disarms enemies.

Once burrowed your circular blade now roams around you clockwise. It still deals 1 damage every 2 seconds to those around it.

You now leave an ice trail behind your Speed Dash which last for 5 seconds. Anyone who travels on this will take 1 damage and have their movement speed halved. It still deals 1 damage per Speed Dash collision

You mirror into two beings with a deadly chain holding you together. It then pushes you 800 units in the direction you are travelling, dealing 2 damage to anyone who touches the chain. You can no longer teleport through the edge of the world

Environmental Factors

If you are damaged, you can heal yourself by collecting the energy objects around you. 4 objects = 1 segment of health.

Use the spacebar to stop your character from moving. This earns you 1 class point per second.

Watch out for the spikes on the border, they can damage you!


The invisibility power-up offers the ability to hide on the map and surprise enemies with either a slice or a hook. You cannot be hooked whilst you are invisible.

The invincibility power-up offers you protection from everything that can damage you. You also get a minor speed boost.

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